History of Mata Kaulan Ji

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As the name Kaulan means ‘Daring’. Mata Kaulan ji was a woman during the period of the sixth sikh Guru Dhan Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib ji . Her parents belonged to Hindu Religion. She was stolen by Qazi Rustam Khan during her childhood. Qazi Rustam was a Muslim priest. Further  qazi taught her the lessons of Islam.  After a short period he sent her to Sai Mian Mir to for higher level of education.
           Sai Mian Mir ji was the true lover of Guru Nanak’s feet. He often went to Amritsar  to meet Guru Arjan Dev Ji(Fifth Sikh Guru ). Sai ji often recites large no of  Guru Ji;s sayings (‘Gurbani Panktis’) and feel the true warmth of Guru’s lap.
            As the time passed Mata ji was caught by Qazi and was imprisoned into his house. She was treated very badly these. He abuse her daily. Mata Kaulan ji prayed to GOD daily for rescue and due to her prayers Guru Harbobind Sahib ji came near qazi’s house with sangat. Mata kolan ji requested to her maid servant to do a favour for her. He agreed. She gave him a letter for Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib ji. She explained her pitiful condition in the letter.
     On reading the letter Guru Ji started to do the necessary plannings  for her rescue. Guru Ji sent her message to Mata ji that he is coming very soon but she had to came out of the house . After that it is Guru ji ‘s duty to protect her.
    As Guru Sahib reached in front of the Qazi’s house . Five Sikhs were also along with him. she escaped from the top window of the house and came outside. This way Guru ji rescued her from the Qazi ‘s house. Then along with Mata ji Guru ji came to Amritsar. Here some necessary health treatments were given to her.
    Then at Amritsar she started singing Bani and was free to meditate. Within a short time she started climbing the internal spiritual stairs towards the Sachkhand.



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